The State of Liberty

On November 14, a good portion of Liberty spent time looking at the general vision for the church as we close out 2021 and move into 2022. One item that came up was the ability to communicate information as it pertains to the vision of Liberty on a consistent basis. In response, a tool we are incorporating is this ongoing blog. The purpose of this blog is to provide update information about projects, decisions, or events that pertain to the growth of the church. While this will not be the only tool, it will provide a placeholder of valuable insights into the thought processes behind various church movements. There is no distinct timeframe for updates although this blog should be updated weekly if not more.

To begin with, attached is the slide deck from the Vision meeting. While this does not encapsulate everything that was discussed, it will provide for you a blueprint to follow as well as provide a framework for accountability going forward.

The future is bright.

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